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Office Contest

An Office (US) Icontest Community

An Office Icontest
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an icontest for The Office (US)
Welcome to officecontest, an icontest community dedicated to The Office (US Version). All are welcome to join to participate or vote!

+You must be a member to participate.
+All icons must follow LJ's requirements: No greater than 40kb & 100x100 pixels.
+All icons must be made by you and you only, and must be made specifically for each challenge (don't reuse old icons).
+Don't post your icons anywhere until voting is over.
+Submit your icons with the image plus the URL.
+Don't vote for your own icons or ask anyone to vote for you.
+More specific rules will be on each challenge and voting post, so make sure to read them.

Special Categories (borrowed from disney_awards:
Each week we will have a special category along with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and each week will there will be a different category! Once the list is done, it will rotate back to the beginning.

Best Use of Color - the icon that displays the most appealing colors.
Best Cropping - the icon that uses the best and/or most creative positioning.
Most Creative - the icon that is the most creative and unique.
Best Image - the icon in which the best image is used.
Most Eye-Catching - the icon that is the most attention-grabbing.
Best Use of Text - the icon that displays the best by text placement and/or font.
Best Emotion: - the icon that shows the most emotion.
Best Interpretation the icon that best interprets the theme.

If you have any questions please post them here
To affiliate, comment here
To suggest a challenge, comment here

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