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alisa [userpic]
Challenge 1: Michael Scott
by alisa (dizzyknee)
at February 27th, 2010 (05:09 pm)

The first Challenge is Michael Scott. You may use any screencaps of Michael, but he must be the only person in the icon.

+All icons must fit LJ standards
+You may enter up to 3 icons
+You must be a member of the community to participate
+Icons must be made by you and made specifically for this challenge
+Submit entries as a comment to this post with the image plus the URL
+You may use the images provided below or find your own
+Don't post your icons anywhere until the winners have been announced
+Text, textures, brushes, and animation are all allowed

I'm going to start with 2 weeks for this first challenge. Hopefully we'll get enough entries in that time, but if not, I'll extend it. So right now icons are due: Saturday, March 13 by Midnight CST.

Current number of icons: 15

Here are some screencaps to get you started, but feel free to use any you can find:





These are full size, they were small enough, I just figured I'd post them full size here. Credit for these screencaps goes to www.such-a-dork.com/